Feel good list

This week’s journal entry:
Write out at least 15 things that make you feel good. They can be objects, places, people, or moments in time.

By Laura Black

These are in no particular order. I just wrote them as they came to me.
1.      Venti Iced Soy Green Tea Latte from Starbucks – this is my favorite drink, and it always makes my day better.
2.      Books, particularly fictions novels – I prefer novels that are related to women’s issues.
3.      Music – anything with good lyrics or a good beat.
4.      Vanilla Bean Noel lotion from Bath and Body Works – I put it on after I shower.
5.      Painting my nails – I don’t like getting them done. I must do them myself. It’s therapeutic for me.
6.      Getting a haircut – nothing beats the feeling of a fresh haircut to make you feel like a million bucks.
7.      Alone time – I look forward to alone time whenever I get it.
8.      Working out – although I haven’t done it much lately, it makes me feel great to workout. The problem is getting started and doing it, but the end result is I’m pleased with myself once I’m done.
9.      Watching Friends – this is my all-time favorite tv series. It doesn’t matter what episode I watch, I love them all, and I can always count on them to make me laugh and put me in a better mood.
10.  Watching X-Files – this is my second favorite tv series. I love the characters Scully and Mulder. I have to watch this show in the dark to add to the theme of the show.
11.  Shopping for clothes – I love shopping for a new outfit or new shoes. I can’t help it; I’m a woman.
12.  Dancing – it doesn’t really matter the style or that I’m not particularly great at it; I just love to dance. It makes me feel free.
13.  Writing – when I get a chance to journal or just write in general, it always makes me feel good. It gives me a way to express myself freely.
14.  Spending time with my family and friends – I love every second I can spend with my family and friends. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing; I just love being able to spend time with them.
15.  Alone time with my husband – I love the time we get alone, especially when we have date nights. My all-time favorite is being on a beach with him. That’s the best feeling in the world to me – sitting on the beach, talking, laughing, listening to music, sipping drinks, whatever. As long as I have him with me, it doesn’t matter.   


This is such a good prompt, that I am stealing it from you to write on my blog! (I will credit you, of course!)
I love writing these types of posts because they take you to a happy place.

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