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10 Women Who Changed My Life

This week’s journal entry:
Write about 10 women who changed your life in some way. Tell why each woman changed your life.
By Laura Black

I first wrote this journal entry in my art journaling book about two and a half years ago. As the picture will show, I painted across two pages, pasted pictures of the ten women who changed my life, then I wrote near their picture how they changed my life. Art journaling is just another way to go about journaling. These are in no particular order. 1.My mom – Of course she changed my life; she gave birth to me. She has been an amazing mother. She’s always been there for me, and she supports me in everything I do. More recently, she taught me that you can’t focus on the bad. You have to focus on the good. She had lymphoma, and through it all, she continued to focus on the good. She beat cancer, and she’s cancer free. 2.My sister, Amy – Ever since we were kids, she just wanted to be a mother. She was always that little mother hen. She’s raised two amazing …

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